Summary of “Changing These 4 Beliefs Will Make You Surprisingly Happy”

Albert says your beliefs are what cause the majority of unhappiness, anger, and anxiety you experience.
So what are some of the most common problematic beliefs Albert identified – and how do we fix them?
What beliefs about your own behavior does Ellis say regularly cause you problems?
You just don’t have to hold silly beliefs that drive you nuts.
Okay, you’re disputing and replacing irrational beliefs.
So you can finally get that worry song to stop playing in your head. But how do we deal with those beliefs about our past that have shaped us? The beliefs that we feel make us who we are?
Because of how our filters are set up, we often notice instances that support the unhealthy beliefs more than we notice those that may support our opposite, healthy beliefs; however, that “Evidence” almost always exists as well.
One valuable tool involves forcing ourselves to look back over those very same periods of life purposefully looking to see the evidence that supports our healthy beliefs.

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