Summary of “10 Free Tech Tools & Websites Every Teacher Should Know About”

As a new teacher, I felt comfortable with PowerPoint and Word, yet I rarely explored any other tech tools.
There are free tools that are easy to use-even for the tech novice.
All you need to do is copy the webpage URL of the text you want to adjust and paste it into the yellow box at the top of the site, then click “Rewordify text.” Rewordify will simplify the text to the reading level you selected in the settings.
Finally, if you click on the “Print/Learning Activities” page, Rewordify will create vocabulary lists with definitions from the text, generate vocabulary quizzes for the text, and create close activities for the text.
Like Rewordify, all you need to do is copy the text you want summarized and paste it into the box on the page, set the number of sentences you want, then hit the summarize button.
I learned about this great tool via Eric Curts’ amazing blog, which every teacher should bookmark! Viewpure: I use videos every day in my classroom.
Google Earth is adding new Voyager tools all the time and they are an incredible resource for any Social Studies teacher.
Students can add text to describe that location’s significance as well as photos and videos.

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