Summary of “Resist The Darkness. Support Philadelphia.”

Chris Long has donated his entire salary to schools in Charlottesville and other cities.
The most Philly moment I have ever personally experienced: I was in college and working at Dalessandro’s, one of the city’s famous cheesesteak shops, and the Philadelphia 76ers were in the NBA Finals.
They were led by Allen Iverson, a fearless point guard who played with the kind of rage that made him a hero to the city.
Over the next two days, the city lost its collective mind and many of us had convinced ourselves the Sixers were locks to win the series.
Sports writers often portray the city as a hellscape populated by Neanderthals communicating exclusively through Eagles chants and hurled batteries.
If all you know about this city is that one time, many years ago, some fans threw snowballs at a very shabby Santa, then you don’t know anything about the city.
The entire city came to life and, at least for the night, loved one another with the kind of exuberance you cannot manufacture.
A friend texted to say he’s thinking of selling his car so he can go to Minneapolis; not to buy tickets for the game, just to go to the city while the game is happening.

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