Summary of “Super Bowl LII: The Eagles’ Culture Shift That Changed Everything”

Timmy Jernigan had been a member of the Eagles for about two hours when an unknown number lit up his phone.
Even after starting quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a torn left ACL in December, the Eagles rode their loaded roster all the way to Super Bowl LII. And with the talent lining the depth chart and the ethos that’s permeated the locker room, this run may only be the beginning.
In addition to ensuring that the Eagles’ core of young stars would remain intact for the foreseeable future, Roseman’s flurry of signings was designed to deliver a message to the locker room.
Kelly had committed the same cardinal sins that the Eagles had made four years prior, giving his team a mercenary feel in the process.
Pederson came to Philly with a decade and a half of pro football memories, and that wealth of experience was the first trait that many of his new players noticed when the Eagles hired him in January 2016.
When the Eagles signed Jeffery to a one-year deal, added Smith, and eventually traded for Jernigan and Darby, the players in house saw the moves as one final, massive swing to create a Super Bowl-caliber roster.
Eagles players say they found someone with a totally different vibe.
As the Eagles basked in the glow of the victory that sent them to the Super Bowl, Jenkins couldn’t help but think of the conversation he’d had with Robinson last spring.

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