Summary of “5 traits all emotionally intelligent leaders share”

Empathy, self-awareness and authenticity are just some of the traits that make certain leaders stand out.
Some of the most revered leaders in business today share common traits that attract great staff and inspire the best work.
If you aspire to be a better leader, you would do well to work on your emotional intelligence quotient.
Great leaders are able to look at issues from many different perspectives and to consider the effects from other points of view.
Great leaders can be positive in the face of difficulty and still be very much in touch with the situation.
Great leaders know that getting to know their team members – professionally and personally – and caring about them and their careers will mean that everyone works better together in the long run.
How to practice: Your integrity is paramount to your reputation as a leader, so only say what you mean and don’t make promises you can’t keep.
Every chance to work on your skills will make you a better leader, no matter the location.

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