Summary of “The 6 Steps to Turning Setbacks Into Advantages”

After interviewing hundreds of people like Ms. Lockert over the past 30 years and studying the phenomenon with her daughter, Stephanie Marston, along with her daughter, Ama, discovered that people typically experience six distinct stages of turning adversity into growth.
These stages apply to groups, organizations, families and communities as well as individuals.
Stage 1: You’re in your comfort zone …Before there is a storm, of course, there is calm.
Stage 3: You’re in the middle of chaosAfter the disruption has occurred, chaos ensues as you struggle to make sense of your shattered reality.
Some people might find themselves in denial during this stage, Ms. Marston said.
Stage 4: A catalyst emergesAt some point during the transformative process, you experience an epiphany: a new idea or a fresh perspective that helps jump-start your transformation.
Stage 5: You move toward something newWith a new perspective, you can start to move toward a new reality, experimenting with your sense of identity and place in the world.
Stage 6: You become comfortable with changeOnce you’ve experimented with your new identity and reality, you reach a point where everything has changed and you’re O.K. with that.

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