Summary of “My four days at sea with New Kids on the Block and 3,000 everlasting fans”

Any moment now the New Kids on the Block are going to appear, and then they’re not going to leave for the next four days, and we’re all going to sail to Cozumel, Mexico, and back.
Girls liked the New Kids on the Block, and boys mocked the New Kids on the Block, because that’s what boys do when they’re jealous.
They had New Kids T-shirts and New Kids pillowcases and New Kids buttons on their Esprit bags, and they stood at their lockers spraying Aqua Net on their huge hair while staring at the dreamy pictures of Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight they had cut out of Tiger Beat and taped all over their doors.
I went to their show at Fenway a few years later, and then again last summer – in both instances, I was the one who bought the tickets and “Dragged” people there for the time of their lives – and as I stood in the grandstand at Fenway in July, looking out at the vibrating hordes of ex-teenage girls, I realized that I did not exactly love the New Kids on the Block, at least not in the way of the diehard fans.
“And as a journalist,” I tell the Australian woman who didn’t know she was going to get such a long answer, “I started poking around to try to figure out how I could tell the story of the New Kids on the Block now, and everyone kept telling me I had to go on the cruise. So here I am.”
Most of the women I talk with have happily spent closer to $1,500 for the cruise, not counting the booze and the latest New Kids merch and the airfare from as far away as Japan and Germany and Chile and England, all for their chance to spend four days this close to the boys who were and still are their ultimate.
During Jeopardy! – where the band takes on five fans in New Kids trivia – he can’t wait to get off the stage, at one point interjecting this after a question a fan had answered about a lyric from a 1994 song: “I’m a New Kid, and even I didn’t know that.”
There were definitely a few women you had to keep an eye on, because when you think of the fact that this is the New Kids cruise, which naturally draws the most rabid New Kids fans on the planet, there are bound to be a few psychos.

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