Summary of “Best movies on Amazon Prime: 100 top films list”

If you aren’t using your Amazon Prime account to sit back and binge some of the best movies ever made, you are really not using it to its full potential.
Even if you’ve never seen “Troll 2,” just watching this documentary about one of the worst movies ever made is a lot of fun.
Spike Lee’s first movie for Amazon Studios delves into the massive gang violence in Chicago.
In one of Tom Cruise’s classic thrill movies he plays a NASCAR driver whose ego makes him one of the hottest drivers on the circuit.
Steven Soderbergh takes the blueprint of the “Ocean’s Eleven” movies and strips everything studio about it to create a wonderful heist movie topped by the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Adam Driver.
Tom Cruise just keeps on chugging, and arguably is making better “Mission: Impossible” movies than ever before.
Wilder breaks new ground on how sex and sexuality is viewed in movies.
It’s one of the strangest movies you’ll ever see, but you have to see it.

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