Summary of “‘The story of a weird world I was warned never to tell'”

Pauline Dakin spoke to Outlook on the BBC World Service.
“The story was that some people who had been around us during my childhood, who were involved with organised crime, had been picked up – arrested, killed or otherwise disappeared – and then replaced by doubles,” Pauline says.
Pauline and her mother also received dozens of letters from people inside the weird world – from her father and godfather, for example, who were being held in a top secret prison there, Stan said.
Despite being plagued by doubts, Pauline always had to acknowledge that the two people telling her this incredible story were her mother and Stan – the most trustworthy people she knew.
Stan had made it clear to Pauline and Ruth that they must never go to the police to report any of the threats and strange goings-on in their lives – the police, he said, couldn’t be trusted.
What worried her was that if Pauline no longer believed the story she would be putting herself in danger.
Pauline spent months trying to convince her mother that Stan had been lying to them, while her mother tried to convince Pauline that she was wrong.
Pauline’s relationship with her mother never entirely recovered, though it improved when Pauline started a family.

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