Summary of “When You’ve Procrastinated On Your Goals For Too Long”

In the beginning, when we set the goal, we feel usually motivated, for about a day.
As each additional day passes, the resistance starts to grow.
As more time passes by, we feel more overwhelmed, especially if we have attempted to start several times, and failed.
The biggest problem in this scenario is that we think of the sheer size of the goal, or to be more accurate, the list of the activities we need to do, and how much time it will take us to do them all.
There is nothing wrong with the big picture, on the contrary, we need it, but in the beginning, when it’s the planning phase.
Don’t think about the science or that you need 66 days to establish a habit, it will just overwhelm you additionally, which you don’t need.
Next, to the “ONE DAY” principle, the only other one you need is the consistency.
Let’s get down to concrete steps you can take a right this moment to take action and start working on your goal.

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