Summary of “When Malls Saved the Suburbs From Despair”

A lot of the stores are located in shopping malls.
The reasons are many, including economic downturn, the rise of internet commerce, the decline of the suburbs-even just the opening of newer malls, which cannibalize older ones.
Good riddance to these cathedrals to capitalism, many think, as they pore over apocalyptic photos of abandoned malls in ruins.
The malls would be for shopping, yes, but also offer food, relaxation, and green space.
The American suburbs lack the density of daily encounters that characterizes the modernist cities of Europe, and the mall provided a space where people could amble in thick proximity.
For one part, malls put products in places where they otherwise might not have been accessible.
Malls are prisons for commerce, but at least the commerce stays inside them.
The wooziness of disorientation and recycled air is a design feature of malls and casinos alike; it keeps people around, but it also presses them out.

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