Summary of “7 International Cities Where You Could Live in Luxury Without Breaking the Bank”

An echo of peace permeates the city, emanating from the many ornate Buddhist temples lying within the old city walls.
Your riad costs you just over $400 a month, and you navigate the city with a monthly rail pass that you bought for just about $15. The exchange rate sits at.11 cents for every Moroccan Dirham, so you’ll have a large budget for weekend spa tratments at the hamams.
You could eat a full meal at a restaurant there for just $4, get yourself a nice bottle of wine for just $10, navigate the city for just $21 per month and rent a three-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city center for just over $500 a month.
Though the city is notorious for having been the murder capital of the world during the reign of terror of Pablo Escobar, crime rates have dropped significantly in the years since his death.
The city champions culture by way of art and gastronomy-you could eat a nice meal at a restaurant for just $2 or cook at home in your $300-ish apartment in the center of it all.
Getting around the city is simple, too, since La Paz boasts the world’s longest and highest urban cable car network, the Mi TelefĂ©rico.
The Vltava River bisects this capital city, nicknamed “The City of a Hundred Spires” for its tapering conical and pyramidal skyscrapers.
Prague is actually ranked number 44 on the Nomad Index of the best cities in the world for expats.

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