Summary of “The LeBron James to Los Angeles storyline won’t die, but is LeBron even a fit for the Lakers?”

His first season as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers was such a rough one, there were actually two eight-game losing streaks, a six-game losing streak and three other losing streaks of at least four games that could have sent him to one of his closest mentors for advice.
They have an opportunity to fast-forward their timeline to contend for championships again if they can sign free agents like Paul George, 27, or LeBron James, 33.
Can superstars already in their prime, like James or George, fit into the culture the Lakers have spent the past few seasons trying to build? Can the Lakers’ young core evolve quickly enough to play at James’ or George’s level?
James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will spend this weekend in Los Angeles being serenaded by hopeful Lakers fans and looking at four adoring billboards placed around the city by a self-described Lakers diehard, Jacob Emrani.
If James were to join a young team like the Lakers, he’d immediately become the center of the Los Angeles sports universe.
James would be some 10 years older than the Lakers’ best players, with at least three rings and more basketball wisdom than the entire core put together.
As one league source put it, if LeBron James goes to the Lakers, they were able to clear space like Cleveland did when James returned to the Cavs in 2014.
If LeBron James decides to stay in Cleveland, it won’t be because he and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert have suddenly started going out for Frappuccinos together.

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