Summary of “A stunning discovery about the start of the Universe”

Just shy of 14 billion years ago, the universe was created in an event called the Big Bang.
All of the matter and energy of the visible universe was concentrated into a tiny volume that “Exploded,” for the lack of a better word, and began expanding.
From the point of view of light, the entire universe was a glowing, yet opaque, wall.
The universe continued to expand and cool, filled with clouds of hydrogen and helium.
Gravity took over, with slightly denser areas of the universe pulling the gas into denser and denser clumps.
While the universe on the whole was cooling, the temperature at the center of these clumps was rising; after about 180 million years eventually becoming so high that the gas started to experience nuclear fusion.
The Big Bang caused the universe to expand, which has the consequence of stretching the wavelength of the radiation emitted by hydrogen and decreasing the frequency.
This discovery has cut in half the period of the universe for which we previously had no data.

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