Summary of “The School of Life: An Interview With Alain de Botton”

The philosopher and author Alain de Botton has dedicated his life to seeking answers-for himself and others-to one of life’s chief questions: How do we live a good life? His prolific body of work has helped bring accessible philosophy to millions of people through bestselling books like The Consolations of Philosophy.
Alain thoughtfully explains to us the role and value of philosophy in everyday life, what philosophy can learn from pop music, why we should study Augustine in parallel with the Stoics and much more.
You’ve been a huge advocate about the value of philosophy to help us lead better lives, both with your own books like The Consolations of Philosophy, documentary series, as well as the The School of Life.
Why do you think that is? How did philosophy go from its more practical roots to whatever it seems to be today?
Philosophy is committed to self-knowledge – and its central precept – articulated by the earliest, greatest philosopher, Socrates – is just two words long: Know yourself.
In the future when the value of philosophy is a little clearer, we can expect to meet more philosophers in daily life.
Is there anything you’ve found with the many people you and the team at The School of Life have reached that seems to be the best introduction to philosophy for beginners?
At The School of Life., we’re very concerned with ways to make philosophy more seductive and appealing to a mass audience.

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