Summary of “Want to Hear a Great Leader In Action? They Will Often Say These 3 Things”

Being a leader in people-centric work cultures differs drastically from managers in toxic workplaces who bark out demands and use century-old tactics like fear and negative reinforcement to motivate.
Truly effective leaders get their people from the neck up through influence – the positive actions that connect them with the people they lead. But for many of us, when we end up telling stories to our kids and grandkids about the leaders who made a difference in our lives, we remember the words they spoke.
You may think a leader speaks with charisma and bravado.
Here’s what you’ll hear from the most effective and humble leaders.
Great leaders put their ego aside, because admitting to being human and making mistakes actually increases trust.
By acknowledging someone else’s effort for going above and beyond, a leader makes that person look good by shining the spotlight on their individual contributions, which he or she deserves.
Bad leaders will use this phrase to instill fear in workers and establish positional authority, which is contrary to what great leaders do.
On the flip side, great leaders are absolutely confident in their people’s abilities; they have an internal faith mechanism that will explore every avenue, solicit every opinion and input, and ask the question, “How can we, as a team, make this happen?”.

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