Summary of “From Atop the College Basketball World to the Middle of Nowhere”

Today, the Hustle, one of 26 G League teams, are in town to play the South Bay Lakers.
For players like Davis, John Wall, and DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky was a launchpad for long NBA careers.
Some now play in Europe, others in Asia, and many more in the G League.
He’s played for a G League team that no longer exists and international leagues that are tiers below the country’s premier league.
He’s been fined for altercations, brawls, and calling out Manny Pacquiao for playing in the same league as him in the Philippines.
“Playing basketball abroad, you kind of feel like you don’t have a life. I mean, you don’t have a life. This is my life, essentially. It consumes everything.”
“We were kids playing together, highly touted kids at one of the biggest basketball schools in the country with the best fan base,” Harrison says.
Teague says he’s always made a point to chat up former Kentucky players whenever he runs into one, whether it be at an NBA game, a G League game, or maybe a run in the summer.

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