Summary of “How to Enjoy Fine Dining on a Fast Food Budget”

Don’t wait until you can’t stomach your after-dinner mint: You will enjoy your meal more if you stop at satiation.
Not every restaurant allows split entrees, but many do offer half-sized entrees, instead.To round out a meal, Mr. Wells never ignores the soup, which he calls “One of the best values on the menu. It’s one of those things that people always think they could make at home, but in reality, the average busy home cook rarely has time to make soup the way restaurants do,” he said.
Food and budget experts alike also recommend staying away from alcohol.
Be proactive about paying the billBefore you even sit down, decide how to pay.
Lisa Rowan, a savings expert at The Penny Hoarder, explained that splitting the bill works best if everyone’s meals are priced within $5. “Quickly checking in when you sit down to eat, to confirm whether you’ll get separate checks, split the bill evenly or use some other method of paying the tab can alleviate stress at the end of the meal,” she said.
“The more time you spend preparing your budget for these types of events, the less likely you’ll avoid sticker shock.”
Don’t forget about offbeat dining optionsWith the rise of food trucks and global cuisine, it pays to get creative.
“I believe it’s really important to save money on dining out,” she acknowledged but she-and we-both advise against trying to save on eating out by skimping on the tip.

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