Summary of “How March Madness Affected the Draft Stock of Three Top Prospects”

On the whole, Young played as well as could be expected given all he was asked to do for a team without much talent around him.
College teams do much more scouting and game-planning for conference games than nonconference ones, and Young is a unique player who is almost impossible to prepare for.
Young started off scoring 10 points on 4-of-4 shooting, as it took the Rams some time to understand just how little space they could give him.
If the Rams tried to give that player the ball, Oklahoma would immediately switch the action to keep Young far away from guarding the point of attack.
The threat of his 3-point shot opens up the rest of his game, and Young already knows how to take advantage.
What people don’t realize when they say Young is more Seth Curry than Steph Curry is that Seth is a good NBA player in his own right.
How much rope will an NBA team give Collin Sexton? Young wasn’t the only one-man band in college basketball.
NBA scouts question how Knox compares athletically to the elite players at his position at the next level, as well as his overall feel for the game.

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