Summary of “The Supermarket Cafeteria That Major League Baseball Players Love”

The hands behind the food are led by Francisca Dominguez, the Bravo cafeteria head chef who is from the Dominican Republic, which has produced the most foreign-born players in Major League Baseball.
Dominguez fields food orders directly by phone from players.
“I love my job. I love cooking for them.”
The woman who makes coladas, Cuban style espresso, is Cuban.
Bravo is a supermarket chain with at least 60 stores in Florida and the Northeast, including the Bronx and New Jersey, in areas with a high concentration of Latinos.
The Port St. Lucie location has perhaps fed the most professional baseball players.
On the advice of his brother, who already lived in Port St. Lucie, Merejo opened this Bravo franchise to cater to the Latino community growing about an hour north of West Palm Beach and two hours north of Miami.
About a fifth of Port St. Lucie’s population of 175,000 is Latino, according to the United States census.

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