Summary of “A Little-Known Hack to Learn a New Skill in a Fraction of the Time”

Deliberate practice refers to the intensely focused practice of a skill, habit, or ability.
To practice deliberately, you have to break down skills into blocks of discrete micro-skills, map out the order in which you need to learn those micro-skills, and closely monitor your progress.
For some skills, it can be easy to find proven curricula to guide your deliberate practice.
Ask yourself, “Where do I anticipate having an opportunity in the course of my actual day-to-day business life, to practice this skill?” Maybe you can practice this new micro-skill during a conversation with an employee, a meeting with your management team, or a phone call with a vendor.
Then consider what it would look like for you to start practicing this new micro-skill.
Namely, what were two, three, or four things that you did well? And what was one specific lesson that you learned from this practice session-something that you’d like to handle differently next time?
If you practice it every day for three or four days a week, you’ll find that you can acquire new skills with incredible rapidity.
These are the five elements that transform “Practice” into “Deliberate practice.” Good luck using them to speed up your development of your staff.

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