Summary of “Put Your Baby to Bed While They’re Awake”

Many new parents I met used similar techniques for getting their babies to go the eff to sleep.
Alexis Dubief, author of Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents, wants parents to understand this.
While newborns can usually be rocked/fed/cuddled to sleep without issue, Dubief tells me that between four and eight months, the rocking/feeding/cuddling-to-sleep technique will “Fail spectacularly” and the child will start waking up five to eight times a night for more rocking/feeding/cuddling.
“Would you simply roll over and go back to sleep in the grass? Or would you stand up and start screaming?” she asks.
The way to solve this: Work towards putting your baby to bed while they are awake.
All is good, and they can drift off into their next sleep cycle.
Putting a baby to sleep while awake is easier said than done, of course.
About poor sleep habits, Dubief tells me: “This cycle will persist until a) college or b) your child learns to fall asleep without your help.”

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