Summary of “The Moscow Midterms”

It’s midafternoon in Moscow when voting starts.
On certain voter files, so when the American voters show up in person today, their information won’t match their IDs.
Intelligence officials like John know that the Russians aren’t just targeting local officials but voting service providers as well – the vendors who make voting machines and software and who sometimes help municipalities or counties draw up their ballots.
Alexei targeted Bonnie and a few other clerks whose towns use touch-screen voting machines.
While a voting machine itself will never be connected to the internet, the touch-screen voting machines, as well as optical scan machines, all require programming that is done on other computers.
American election board officials comforted the public that there were paper trails attached to most voting machines, a backup measure, in case something went wrong.
Not only is it a swing state, but many of its counties use digital machines that don’t produce paper records – the vote tally is stored only in the machine.
Not only were his hacks of online voter registrations a success, but the ensuing chaos – America is burning hot with indignation and accusations of disenfranchisement – has provided Alexei with the perfect cover for his work on the voting machines.

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