Summary of “Allegiant Air: The Budget Airline flying under the radar”

For the most part, allegiant’s difficulties have managed to stay under the radar of the flying public.
Steve Kroft: What are Allegiant pilots telling you about their airline?
Daniel Wells: What I hear from hundreds of conversations with Allegiant pilots, is the management of Allegiant seems to denigrate the pursuit of safety.
The incident drew unwanted attention to Allegiant but nothing compared to what followed six weeks later when the airline abruptly fired Kinzer for his actions.
As for the FAA, which is charged with enforcing airline safety in the U.S., it has not brought a single enforcement action against Allegiant in nearly three years.
It may well be what’s allowed Allegiant to fly under the radar.
We received the documents for every airline except Allegiant, which objected to their release.
Allegiant has yet to tell passengers what they were breathing, but the airline confirmed to us that the fumes were from Skydrol 4, a hazardous hydraulic fluid.

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