Summary of “The Maraschino Mogul’s Secret Life”

His daughters Dana Mondella Bentz and Dominique Mondella, who run the company now, miss him every day.
People in the beekeeping community, or their bees, had crossed paths with Mondella in 2010, less than five years before he died.
The complications in Mondella’s life that led to his demise had a minor but significant bee component.
Though circumstances put Mondella and the bees on opposite sides of an issue, the beekeepers still speak admiringly of him, and express regret at his unhappy end.
Instead, the Mondellas used a secret recipe involving sugar, citric acid, red coloring, and a curing process that never subjected the fruit to hot water.
Mondella set about expanding that location into two adjacent buildings, and eventually the factory occupied a total floor space of thirty-eight thousand square feet.
The most commonly used news photo of Mondella shows him leaning into a cherry-processing machine, small and serious-looking behind the mass of bright-red cherries in the foreground.
Leon Perry, who began his job at the factory after his release from prison twenty years ago, told me how Mondella had loaned him money for rent when he started out.

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