Summary of “Facebook quitting advice from a professional internet quitter”

Between May 2012 and May 2013, I didn’t use the internet or ask people to use the internet for me.
If you’ve been following all the recent Facebook drama or you can’t stand the culture of Twitter discourse or you feel like the Instagram algorithm is harmful to your well-being and you’ve decided that you need to make a statement by quitting something, I might be able to offer some advice.
If your friends are heavy Facebook users, and you quit Facebook, it’s a little bit like if your friends all hang out at a certain bar and you stop going there.
What if your friends don’t like phone calls? And what if they forget you quit Facebook when they send out a party invite? And what if your appointed liaison to all Facebook drama becomes tired of being your social networking sherpa?
I’m not trying to scare you away from quitting Facebook.
You set out to protest Facebook, but you’re only hurting yourself, right?
Facebook makes you pay to actually reach your “Audience.” Instagram will always work best for people who only show their most beautiful side.
I just feel like I learned the lessons I needed to learn, and the immense positives of the internet – even the weird and scary places like Facebook – outweigh the cons.

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