Summary of “Seven thought experiments to make you question everything”

Thought experiments are among the most important tools in the intellectual toolbox.
Widely used in many disciplines, thought experiments allow for complex situations to be explored, questions to be raised, and complex ideas to be placed in an understandable context.
Here we have seven thought experiments in philosophy you might not have heard of.
Question: How can it choose? Does it choose at all, or does it stand still until it starves?
Question: If you are obligated to save the life of a child in need, is there a fundamental difference between saving a child in front of you and one on the other side of the world?
Question: Is the Swampman the same person as the disintegrated fellow?Davidson said no.
Question: Are you obligated to keep the musician alive, or do you cut him loose and let him die because you want to?
Thompson, who has several excellent thought experiments to her name, says no.

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