Summary of “Inside Rex Tillerson’s Ouster”

The name helped: Rex Wayne Tillerson, after Rex Allen and John Wayne, the actors behind some of Hollywood’s most indelible swaggering cowboys.
One source close to the White House struggled to reconcile Tillerson’s peerless track record of private-sector management with his approach at the State Department.
“That’s what the President wanted to do.” As Tillerson recalled, Kushner would “Come over” periodically to update him, “So at least we had full connectivity between that and all the other issues that we’re managing with the same countries and same leaders. We would give them input and suggestions: ‘Probably want to think about this.’ ‘That’s going to be a non-starter.'” To the bitter end, Tillerson seemed passionate about fighting stories of his ouster.
“I’ve been in similar situations, where I suddenly discovered we’ve created military commissions: ‘Wait a minute-that’s a legal matter and a legal matter the State Department has primacy on.'” But Powell was one of several former Secretaries to express bafflement at Tillerson’s approach to his shrinking mandate.
Several former Secretaries of State expressed astonishment at Tillerson’s approach to budget advocacy.
“Tillerson didn’t want the money,” Madeleine Albright, who served as the Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton, recalled.
While some former Secretaries of State agreed with the premise of expansive cuts, virtually all, spanning generations, took issue with the extent and execution of the ones championed by Tillerson.
“He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service!” As was increasingly the norm, the State Department was the last to know.

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