Summary of “Tesla vs Waymo: who’s winning the race for self-driving cars”

Tesla is taking advantage of the hundreds of thousands of cars it has on the road by collecting real-world data about how those vehicles perform with Autopilot, its current semi-autonomous system.
Tesla is developing towards autonomy by using customer-owned cars to gather that all-important data.
As Tesla sells more cars, the amount of data that can be collected increases exponentially.
Tesla cars can log instances where the Autopilot software would have taken an action, and that data eventually gets uploaded back to Tesla.
Tesla has over 300,000 vehicles on the road around the world, and those cars are navigating far more diverse settings than Waymo – which is currently only in Texas, California, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia.
Tesla has likely passed that mark by now in real-world miles, and yet its cars still aren’t able to fully drive themselves.
“Why has no one put sensors on their customer cars that collect data like Tesla has?”.
How will the company prove that it’s safe? Tesla does have its own small fleet of test cars registered with the California DMV, but they drove zero miles in 2017.

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