Summary of “Just being outside can improve your psychological health, and maybe your physical health too”

Reason one: Just being in a wooded area boosts your immune system.
These cells provide rapid responses to virus-infected cells and respond to tumor formation, and are associated with immune system health and cancer prevention.
Forest air doesn’t just feel fresher and better-inhaling phytoncides seems to actually improve immune system function.
As we’ve come to understand better over the past decade of research, our immune system depends on the health of our gut microbiome-which in turn depends partly on how much of the natural world’s microbiome we let infiltrate our bodies.
Evidence is growing to suggest our immune system is linked to our brain, which means it’s likely that nature’s microbiome plays a big role in our mental health, too.
Exposure to the bacteria in soil, specifically, appears to be good for mental health, and is being investigated as a treatment for depression.
The more we learn about the health benefits of exposure to the outdoors, the more it seems like a good idea to spend more time in them.
Researchers have found that just looking at the sea or at trees can have health benefits.

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