Summary of “The Sixers’ Moment Has Arrived”

Meek never got to celebrate with the team he scored, but his cause became something bigger than a Tom Brady fumble in February.
Members of the Sixers’ roster and ownership group visited him in jail.
Meek rang the Sixers’ prop Liberty Bell as the in-arena PA announced to the crowd that the rapper was supported by Sixers owners Josh Harris and Rubin and longtime fan Kevin Hart.
If the Sixers weren’t ready for the game before, they were now.
For weeks, people have been coming up to me - friends, trolls, troll-friends - congratulating me on the Sixers.
The Heat could not hang with the Sixers, so Miami tried to get into a fight with them.
There is a version of this Sixers team that might have wilted in the face of Miami’s professional fouling and streaky shooting.
Throughout the second half of the season, the Sixers made fish chum of the league’s worst squads.

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