Summary of “The Big Boogie Cousins Question”

Against Portland, the Pelicans used a shooter at the 4 around one big, and even went without a true big, with Mirotic at center, in the few minutes that Davis sat in Game 4.
Lingering over the Pelicans’ explosion this postseason is the question of what to do with Cousins, who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.
There’s no denying that the Pelicans play differently without Boogie, especially on defense; that’s what fueled their sweep of the Blazers, and it’s their ticket to pushing a Warriors team that may or may not have Steph Curry to the brink.
The NBA set a record for 3-point attempts this season, and pace was at its highest since the 1990-91 season, so the Pelicans were going against the grain with their two-big setup, even if both Cousins and Davis can shoot 3s. With Cousins on the floor, the Pelicans posted a pace of 100.7 possessions per 48 minutes, which would rank eighth in the NBA. But since the injury, their pace is 104.3, which ranks first.
That’s the big question about this current Pelicans lineup against the Warriors: Can they score? Holiday and Rondo were outstanding against the Blazers.
The Pelicans wouldn’t be able to play the way they are now with Cousins, but having both him and Mirotic would’ve allowed them to at least have the option of playing two-big lineups, and the ability to play small just by taking Cousins off the floor.
If the Pelicans end up getting toasted by the Warriors without Curry-who won’t be playing “Anytime soon,” according to Steve Kerr-it probably makes the question of whether to keep Cousins easier to answer.
The Pelicans will need to weigh the risk of a less-nimble Cousins against whatever salary he demands.

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