Summary of “Players Have Crowned A New Best Board Game”

A new game now tops those rankings: It’s called Gloomhaven, and it’s the current BoardGameGeek No. 1, having taken over the top spot this past winter.
The BoardGameGeek list is valuable real estate in high-end board gaming, and the No. 1 spot is, of course, the prime position – Boardwalk, if you will.
The seven No. 1s are a motley bunch, including a civilization-building game set in the ancient fertile crescent and a war game set in the 1910s.
Years ago, Isaac Childres, the game’s designer, like many budding board gamers, got his start in “Serious” gaming with Settlers of Catan, then logged on to BoardGameGeek and worked his way down its empirically ranked list: the strategic farming of Agricola, the capitalistic infrastructure of Power Grid, the castle building of Caylus.
Even still, Gloomhaven’s average user rating is a full 0.35 points higher than the second-place game, which may help it cement a lengthy legacy.
So its raters so far are likely a specific subset of the gaming culture – people who find the concept so appealing that they were willing to shell out cash for a game that didn’t exist yet.
There will always be incremental progress, in human endeavor generally and in board game design specifically.
“There’s always someone who is able to reach farther and farther limits, for whatever reason, maybe some small-scale human evolution. Board games are evolving as well, standing on the shoulders of the great games and iterating on them.”

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