Summary of “The unique way the Dutch treat mentally ill prisoners”

About 124 men and 36 women live here, separate from the general prison population.
In countries like the UK and US, prisoners with mental health conditions often end up in the general prison population.
I’m visiting Zwolle prison to understand what effect this segmentation has – and to what extent it helps those who are mentally unwell.
My main focus is on how it affects women, following my in-depth piece last week looking at women with mental health issues in prisons.
Although the Netherlands has seen dramatically declining prison populations year on year, with 19 prisons recently closed, van Koningsveld explains that this is largely because of electronic ankle bracelets and an increase in community sentencing.
For psychiatric patients, particularly women, prison populations are actually increasing.
Still, one weak point that the Dutch system shares with prisons elsewhere is that it was developed largely with men in mind.
In Zwolle, Verbruggen says that isn’t the case – at least not when they enter prison.

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