Summary of “The Five Types Of Nicolas Cage Movies”

Cage has made 73 kinds of movies – a few too many categories.
Cage has been in only two direct sequels, “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” and “National Treasure: Book of Secrets.” That’s two movies out of 79 appearances as a lead or supporting actor.
Quick, name the protagonist of “National Treasure.” Prior to watching 73 Cage movies, I couldn’t.
Cage has no such defining franchise and no such defining role; his challenge is to make a role unique – and to build a career outside of being Nicolas Cage.
Now we come to the heart of it: Cage has been in many, many enormously bad movies.
For a master class in this, check out “The Runner,” with Cage as a Louisiana politician who’s having a post-Deepwater Horizon personal collapse, or “Rage,” which is a captivating spin on revenge movies like “Taken.”
Looking at the list of box office stars who have made the most money from movies based on an original screenplay – the people who make a living outside of adapted franchises – Cage comes in ninth, with $1.7 billion derived from 45 original screenplay films.
P.S. As a service to both Mr. Cage and society as a whole, I programmed a Twitter bot to take the plot components of his enormous and still-growing filmography to pitch loglines for as-yet-unmade Cage flicks.

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