Summary of “What happens to your brain on sex?”

What happens to your brain on love? Is there such a thing as “Casual sex”? What do we get wrong about male and female sexuality?
She’s written six books about human sexuality, gender differences in the brain, and how cultural trends shape our views of sex, love, and attachment.
Which is why romantic love is a far more powerful brain system than the sex drive.
So casual sex is not casual: It can trigger these brain systems for romantic love and feelings of attachment.
Sean Illing I’m sure you get pushback from people who worry about reducing something as rich and complex as love to brain systems.
You asked me about the brain circuitry associated with romantic love, so that’s what I told you about.
People pine for love, live for love, kill for love and die for love.
There are three brain regions that become active when you are in a longterm, loving relationship.

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