Summary of “Survival of the Mediocre Mediocre”

Mediocrity is in fact the sine qua non of survival itself.
Agency and satisficing are emergent aspects of mediocrity, not explicit calculations involved in the generation of mediocre behavior.
Sometimes antifragility will point to mediocrity as the way, and other times mediocrity will exhibit antifragility.
Computers have learned to be mediocre, but haven’t yet learned to compete at mediocrity out in the open world.
Mediocrity qua mediocrity? We still have an edge there.
Soft mediocrity is mediocrity revealed through middling performance in domains where A-Ark excellence is actually possible on one end of the performance spectrum, and error-free correct, reliable C-Ark useful performance is possible at the other.
So a mediocre chess player, or a sloppy assembly line worker both exhibit soft mediocrity, because both excellence and error-free play are achievable and meaningful.
While disruption always involves mediocrity, mediocrity does not always imply disruption.

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