Summary of “Everything created is predicted by nature: A new video explains the physics of flow”

Going with the flow isn’t just the cool thing to do.
According to a prominent theory of physics, it’s a rule of evolution that dictates the design of all things and ensures individual survival.
According to constructal law, all animate or inanimate systems-including art, trees, people, organizations, and financial structures-follow the natural design principle of flow.
The rule states that for any system to persist over time, it must evolve to provide easy access to impositions, allowing currents to flow through it, and moving with them.
As the Franklin Institute points out, it’s rare for a mechanical engineer to conceive of a new physics theory.
In a new video, he illuminates the rule of flow and its influence on the universe.
Alive are all the freely changing flow configurations and rhythms that facilitate flow and offer greater access to movement.
We can understand the notion that cooperating rather than resisting-going with the flow, as it’s commonly known-tends to increase our chances of success and survival.

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