Summary of “Do trees sleep at night? Yes.”

Here’s one more, from the journal Frontiers in Plant Science: Birch trees “Sleep” at night.
It’s harder to do with big trees in the forest.
Why are the trees drooping? One reason could be that they’re dropping their internal water pressure, as New Scientist suggests, in response to the cessation of photosynthesis at night.
Another reason could be that the trees are actually resting: It takes energy to raise limbs up toward the light during the day.
Puttonen hopes this research will lead to a better understanding of how trees use water at different times of the days.
Since the study published in 2016, a followup report in 2017 found that different species of trees have different “Sleep” patterns.
So more research will be needed to full understand the complex patterns of tree sleep.
The tree at day is less droopy than the tree at night.

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