Summary of “Lessons From the First Round of the NBA Playoffs”

LeBron-led teams had never played in a Game 7 in the first round; they’d swept five consecutive first-round opponents, and before this month had a 48-7 all-time record in opening series.
James gives Cleveland a chance, but he is also a 33-year-old coming off seven straight Finals appearances who just played a full 82-game regular season for the first time in his career.
Various NBA teams aggressively trapped pick-and-rolls to take the ball out of the hands of superstars in the first round of the postseason, which has been a fascinating trend to watch.
Even if Prunty were to have shortened the rotation to only eight players, it’d still have included either underdeveloped young players without a playoff-ready skill set or overpaid veterans who don’t quite fit around Antetokounmpo.
It’s Time for Wall and Russ to Switch Things Up “I put the pressure on myself because I am that franchise guy. I am the guy that has to be the leader of the team, that has to get everybody better, make everybody better on my team,” John Wall told reporters a day after the Wizards were eliminated in the first round by the Raptors.
The Wizards are at their best when both the ball and players are moving; there was something to the “Everybody eats” Wizards playing without Wall, but it was obviously unsustainable since the Wall-less team lacked the star power necessary for long-term success.
“So it’s something I really have to think about, if I really want to be this type of player, finish out my career as this type of player, knowing that I have so much left in the tank and I bring so much to the game of basketball.”
Since contracts guarantee by July 1 for most players, Indiana will need to backchannel with agents to gauge interest in players.

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