Summary of “The Great High School Impostor”

What Artur Samarin pulled off at a school in small-town Pennsylvania is one of the boldest hoaxes of our time.
He’d come a great distance-5,000 miles from Nova Kakhovka to Harrisburg.
Artur gradually opened up and expressed his disillusionment with the realities of the exchange program-that much as he’d hoped it might serve as a springboard to college, it really was just a temporary tease of an American life.
Of course he knew how he’d come to live the life he’d lived these past four years in Harrisburg, the masquerade he’d co-engineered, the pretenses under which he’d pulled it off and worked his way ever closer to the simple burning dream of admission to an American university.
He didn’t yet understand the extent to which he’d faltered, or the fact that the Pottses were accusing him of much more than just enrolling at the high school.
More significantly authorities began looking into a relationship he’d had with a fellow student at the high school, a relationship that would’ve been appropriate if he was who he said he was but was wholly inappropriate-and severely illegal-given his true age, exactly five years older than he’d purported to be in school.
The ten-hour flight home might have been a final sloughing off of the skin of that person he’d pretended to be for four years.
No matter how hard he tried to demonstrate enthusiasm, they were ghostly flavors in his mouth compared with what he’d tasted in the United States, the feast he’d been served on his “Silver plate.”

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