Summary of “Inside the tension between Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs”

Before Leonard could expound on it, a Spurs communications staffer – who ostensibly could not hear what Leonard was saying but saw he was talking to a reporter – abruptly ended the conversation.
Over the past several months, ESPN has spoken to dozens of league sources, people close to Leonard and Spurs staffers.
Leonard briefly returned to the Spurs for nine games from mid-December through mid-January.
Spurs guard Tony Parker caused a stir when he said he had the same injury as Leonard, but “100 times worse” a few days after ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Parker and Ginobili had confronted Leonard about his status during a tense team meeting on March 17.
Popovich’s constant references to Leonard’s “Group” are a manifestation of the tension between the Spurs and Robertson and Frankel that has developed over the past year, according to Spurs sources.
Multiple league sources also told ESPN that the Spurs have grown worried that Leonard’s group has an ulterior motive to fray the relationship and get Leonard traded to a larger market such as Los Angeles or New York or Philadelphia.
She wrote to one fan, who questioned why Leonard was in New York City instead of with the Spurs during the playoffs, “What makes you think he’s not working to get back to his team? Make sure you speak Facts! Kawhi is still a Spur….”.
When asked about Kawhi Leonard returning to the Spurs, Gregg Popovich says you would have to ask Kawhi himself since he is rehabbing in New York.

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