Summary of “Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It.”

That’s why many people tend to approach the topic of learning without much focus.
Here’s one example of a study that shows how learning strategies can be more important than raw smarts when it comes to gaining expertise.
Marcel Veenman has found that people who closely track their thinking will outscore others who have sky-high IQ levels when it comes to learning something new.
Here are three practical ways to build your learning skills, based on research.
Studies consistently show that people with clear goals outperform people with vague aspirations like “Do a good job.” By setting targets, people can manage their feelings more easily and achieve progress with their learning.
It turns out that we need to let go of our learning in order to understand our learning.
The good news from all of this – for individuals and for companies looking to help their employees be their best – is that learning is a learned behavior.
By deliberately organizing your learning goals, thinking about your thinking, and reflecting on your learning at opportune times, you can become a better study, too.

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