Summary of “How to Run a Meeting Without Talking Too Much”

Have you ever left a meeting feeling that you dominated the whole thing – and not in a good way? You talked a lot, and in the end, you felt that nobody else had enough time to speak.
What can you do to help ensure that you are not the only one talking in meetings? The obvious answer is to talk less, but that’s often easier said than done.
Preparation is just as important for a meeting as it is for a public speech.
If the agenda for the meeting is posted in advance, make a few notes about what you will say about the points that you know are going to be raised.
Of course, you should make sure that other people in the meeting also contribute.
Let them know that you are hoping they will speak up at the meeting.
In a round-robin, attention is given to people by the structure of the meeting – not from being called on – so the pressure is off.
If you better prepare and take steps to ensure others contribute, you can make the meeting one people want to attend, instead of dread..

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