Summary of “Carmelo Anthony’s Failed OKC Experiment”

Carmelo Anthony was bad in the playoff series that ended his first season on the Thunder.
The Nuggets hadn’t made the playoffs for eight years prior to Anthony’s arrival in 2003; with Carmelo on the roster, they immediately began a seven-year playoff streak.
In Oklahoma City’s first-round loss to the Jazz, Anthony was “Bad” in the same way that an unexplained wad of human hair in a fast-food meal is bad. When Anthony was off the court, the Thunder stood a chance-in fact, OKC outscored the Jazz by 32 combined points in the series when Anthony was benched.
We’re left frustrated because the things Carmelo wants are still different from the things we want from Carmelo.
On two stages, Carmelo has proved himself as one of the most important players in basketball.
Ah, yes, Olympic Melo: Playing as a power forward or even a center, Carmelo feasted against international big men who had to choose between guarding his shot or his drive.
We’ll never see a player like Carmelo Anthony again.
Did Carmelo play poorly this season because he hated his non-star turn? Or did Carmelo hate this season because he played poorly? Carmelo’s chickens and eggs will sum up his NBA career: Maybe he was “Bad” as a result of his poor decisions and misguided priorities.

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