Summary of “The Legend of Brad Stevens”

It’s just the latest instance in which Celtics coach Brad Stevens has managed to squeeze the most out of a limited roster of players on one of the biggest stages in basketball.
As you probably know, Stevens is already widely considered the greatest coach in basketball history.
On James Naismith’s deathbed, he turned to his loved ones and said, “My greatest achievement is inventing the sport that one day Brad Stevens will coach,” which confused everybody, because the name “Brad” wasn’t invented until 1974.
Widely considered the inspiration for Norman Dale in Hoosiers, Coach Taylor in Friday Night Lights, and Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln, Stevens is the first-and to date, only-recipient of the Nobel Prize for coaching.
Give Stevens a ragtag band of NBA players with no stars, and he will advance through the playoffs.
1997: Air Bud You don’t get college coaching jobs fresh out of college, so at 21, Stevens took a volunteer coaching gig-as the head coach for the Fernfield Timberwolves, a middle school team in Washington.
After consulting the rulebook and ensuring that there were no bylaws preventing a dog from playing basketball, Stevens crafted a role specifically for Buddy.
Air Bud never gave any quotes about how Stevens helped his surprisingly prolific career, but he did roll over and allow the coach to rub his belly in the presence of reporters.

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