Summary of “Instagram quietly launches payments for commerce – TechCrunch”

Instagram just stealthily added a native payments feature to its app for some users.
Not having to leave for a separate website and enter payment information any time you want to purchase something could make Instagram a much bigger player in commerce.
In the future, Instagram says you can expect direct payments for things like movie tickets through the app.
Instagram initially announced in March 2017 that “We’ll roll out the ability to book a service with a business directly from their profile later this year,” but never mentioned native payments.
A tap through to the terms of service reveals that Instagram Payments are backed by Facebook’s Payments rules.
Facebook started dabbling in native commerce around 2013, and eventually started rolling out peer-to-peer payments through Messenger.
Instagram Payments could make impulse buys much quicker, enticing more businesses to get on board.
Even if Instagram takes no cut of the revenue, brands are likely to boost ad spend to get their shoppable posts seen by more people if the native payments mean more of them actually complete a purchase.

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