Summary of “Who Is Entering the NBA Trade Zone?”

Kawhi Leonard Spurs coach Gregg Popovich wants Leonard kept away from the team, according to Peter Vecsey’s sources.
The latest rumor is that the reports of Leonard’s mangled rehabilitation and the team forcing an early comeback were a ploy by Kawhi’s camp so Leonard would have an out to join another franchise.
The franchise is a non-topic without Leonard.
C.J. McCollum After a strong end to the regular season, these playoffs were supposed to be different for the Blazers.
“The opportunity to potentially have [Russell] Westbrook, Paul George, and Steven Adams,” he said Wednesday, “All three of those guys in their prime years, is extremely exciting for us.”
Multiple reports have already surfaced that George is “Gone” and wants to be Playoff P somewhere else.
If George goes, Billy Donovan will have a similar issue on his hands as he did during Westbrook’s MVP season: Russ will be the only star on the team.
So the past season of disappointment with Wiggins might not be enough for the team to alter its course.

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