Summary of “How the music industry overlooked R. Kelly’s alleged abuse of young women”

He is far from the only industry figure who worked with Kelly and benefited from the partnership, even as a cloud of allegations – mostly involving the sexual abuse of young women – began to grow around the star.
Kelly continued to settle with more women as allegations against him mounted, but music industry luminaries remained silent, instead smiling for pictures alongside him at platinum record ceremonies.
In his 2012 memoir “Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me,” Kelly described a childhood wracked by abuse and neglect.
Robert Sylvester Kelly grew up in the Chicago projects, his father gone before his birth, his working mother often leaving him in a house chaotic with “Cousins, aunties, friends of my aunties.” One day, Kelly stumbled upon two people having sex; they called him in and told him he could watch.
In response to questions about Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah, Kelly’s management team said the following: “As is well known, Mr. Kelly wrote and produced Aaliyah’s recordings. Their collaboration created great music and the world along with Mr. Kelly mourned the loss of her great talent.”
The accounts of Kelly’s routines and household details come from former staffers, court documents, text messages and six women – Tracy Sampson, Patrice Jones, Jerhonda Pace, Asante McGee, Kitti Jones, and Lisa Van Allen – who spoke to The Washington Post about their relationships with Kelly.
Kelly’s management said the allegation of “Rules” was “Absolutely false” and added: “Why are you asking Mr. Kelly to speak for women who can speak for themselves?”.
In the statement provided to The Post, Kelly’s management team said: “Mr. Kelly will never stand between a parent and a child. If a child is an adult, that communication is between them. All of these women are adults and make their own choices.”

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