Summary of “Zach Lowe on Kyle Korver, Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers”

Kyle Korver had almost reached his starting position in the left corner as James whispered to Love.
Cleveland piled up 125 points per 100 possessions against Toronto in 99 minutes with LeBron, Love and Korver on the floor, and outscored the Raptors by 41 points over that time, per
If the cut gets Korver open, Love’s defender will often sag back to snuff the direct pass from LeBron to Korver.
Love will rush down and screen for Korver in the corner instead of waiting for him.
For the season, the Cavs have scored almost 1.1 points per possession when a Love screen for Korver leads directly to a shot, and almost 1.3 points per possession – a gigantic number near the top of the overall leaderboard – when Korver screens for Love, per Second Spectrum tracking data.
Another favorite: Love and Smith set a monster double pick for Korver, only Korver slithers in between the two screens and beelines for the rim.
Korver has imported a lot of the quirks he developed with Paul Millsap and Al Horford in Atlanta, though Love is a more willing 3-point shooter than those guys, with a quicker release.
“I asked Kevin how he’d feel if I threw him the ball and did that,” Korver recalls, “And he was like, ‘I did that with Kevin Martin all the time!'”.

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